Case Relating to the former Coordinator of APPROACH

The Board and Staff of APPROACH are deeply shocked and saddened by the case relating to its former Coordinator, Peter Newell. Until he resigned in May 2016 and the allegations came to light, the organisation, at both Board and staff level, was completely unaware of his actions which took place 20 years before the charity was established.

We took steps to inform funders and the Charity Commission and have consistently kept them informed since. We conducted a full independent safeguarding review in 2017, and as APPROACH has little direct contact with children, we are satisfied that the organisation’s functioning has not posed any risk to children.

Child abuse is a grave crime which has a lasting and damaging impact on its victims - we condemn all forms of abuse, and as an organisation we continue to work to eradicate all violence against children.


February 16 2018


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