Ghana commits to prohibiting all corporal punishment at UPR’s 28th session

During the 28th session of the Universal Periodic Review in November 2017, the human rights record of the following fourteen states were reviewed:

  • Ghana accepted recommendations to prohibit corporal punishment in all settings, making a clear commitment to enacting law reform. Recent governmental declarations have confirmed this commitment, particularly in light of the upcoming review of the Children’s Act. This brings the number of states committed to full prohibition of all corporal punishment to 56.
  • Sri Lanka also reiterated its commitment to enacting prohibition in all settings by accepting a clear recommendation to do so. Sri Lanka last year became a Pathfinder with the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children: this renewed commitment must lead to prohibition of corporal punishment of children as a matter of priority.
  • Gabon, Guatemala and the Republic of Korea have also supported recommendations on the prohibition of corporal punishment – we are seeking official confirmation from their Governments that they are committed to enacting prohibition of all corporal punishment of children, in all settings.
  • The Czech Republic and Japan each received several recommendations to prohibit corporal punishment in all settings – their respective Governments will respond to the recommendations prior to the Human Rights Council’s session in March 2018. Pakistan will also consider a recommendation to implement “the necessary safeguards for the protection of children against corporal punishment”.
  • Switzerland received two recommendations on the prohibition of all corporal punishment, supporting one and ‘noting’ the other. Its national report to the UPR, submitted in July 2017, reiterated the Government’s position that “it is not necessary to explicitly incorporate this principle in the Civil Code or to amend the criminal law”.
  • Argentina received a recommendation to prohibit corporal punishment in all settings, despite having enacted prohibition in 2014. It will respond by March 2018.

Benin, Peru and Ukraine did not receive recommendations on corporal punishment, having prohibited its use in all settings. Zambia did not get a recommendation to prohibit corporal punishment, despite the legality of its use in the home.


For further details, see the Global Initiative’s individual country reports: Argentina, Benin, the Czech Republic, Gabon, Ghana, Guatemala, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Peru, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Ukraine and Zambia.

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