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The Global Initiative publishes individual country reports for every state and territory worldwide. Each report describes the law relating to corporal punishment of children in the home, alternative care settings, day care, schools, penal institutions and as a sentence for crime, and summarises the reforms needed in order to achieve full prohibition. It summarises coverage of corporal punishment in the Universal Periodic Reviews of the overall human rights record in the state concerned and includes relevant extracts from the recommendations of UN and regional human rights treaty monitoring bodies. It also summarises prevalence/attitudinal research on corporal punishment in the last ten years. We welcome comments, corrections and further information on the information contained in the reports: email


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Prohibited in all settings Prohibited in all settings.
Government committed to full prohibition Government committed to full prohibition.
Prohibited in some settings Prohibited in some settings.
Not fully prohibited in any setting Not fully prohibited in any setting.
This is an automatic translation service. Extracts from laws, treaty body recommendations and Universal Periodic Review outcomes are unofficial translations.