Global and regional tables of progress

The Global Initiative has mapped the legality of corporal punishment of children in every setting - the home, alternative care settings, day care, schools, penal institutions and as a sentence for crime - in every state and territory in the world, and this information is constantly monitored and kept up to date.

The legality information is summarised in our "legality tables", accessible by clicking on the links below. Other tables can be produced on request: if you require a legality table for advocacy purposes that is not listed below, please email

The details of relevant law in each country are set out in the individual country reports.


Online global table

This is a quick reference point for getting a snapshot of progress towards prohibition in any state or territory. It is organised alphabetically.


Tables for download

Downloadable progress tables for use in advocacy are accessible via the following links:

Global legality tables

Global progress table, all states

Global progress table, UN member states

Global progress table, all states and territories


Regional legality tables

Please note: (i) "UN Study region" refers to the regional grouping in the UN Study on Violence Against Children. The report of the Study, published in 2006, recommended prohibition of all corporal punishment of children in all settings, including the home, as a priority issue. (ii) The tables below include states but not territories. Tables including territories are available on request as noted above. (iii) Tables are currently in English. Translations may be prepared if necessary for advocacy. (iv) Tables including more than one region are listed below under "Other".







All Africa

East and Southern Africa (UN Study region)

Middle East and North Africa (UN Study region)

West and Central Africa (UN Study region)




Latin America

Latin America and the Caribbean (UN Study region)

North America (UN Study region)

Organisation of American States











Central Asia

East Asia and the Pacific (UN Study region)

Europe and Central Asia (UN Study region)

South Asia (UN Study region)


Council of Baltic Sea States

Council of Europe


Europe and Central Asia (UN Study region)

European Union






Middle East




Middle East

Middle East and North Africa (UN Study region)



League of Arab States

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation



This is an automatic translation service. Extracts from laws, treaty body recommendations and Universal Periodic Review outcomes are unofficial translations.