Prohibition of all corporal punishment in the Republic of Congo (2010)

Article 53 on protection  of the Law on the Protection of the Child (2010) states:

It is prohibited to use corporal punishment for disciplining or correcting the child.” (unofficial translation)

The article is in Title II, Chapter 1 of the Law, which protects children generally from violence and neglect and applies to children wherever they are.

Article 107 states that persons who inflict cruel inhuman or degrading punishment on children are liable to the penalties in the penal code; article 130 states that international conventions ratified by the Republic of Congo on the rights of the child are an integral part of this law, and article 131 repeals all previous laws in conflict with the new law.

In its report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2010, prepared by the Ministere des Affairs Sociales, de l’Action Humanitaire et de la Solidarite, the Government confirms that prohibition now extends to the home setting. It also notes the need for monitoring implementation of the prohibition and for awareness raising and education measures to be undertaken.


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