Prohibition of all corporal punishment in Latvia (1998)

On June 19 1998 the Latvian Parliament adopted a new law on protection of children's rights. The Law on Protection of the Rights of the Child prohibits cruel treatment, torture and corporal punishment of children, including within the family. It states in article 9.2:

A child cannot be treated cruelly, cannot be tormented and physically punished, and his/her dignity and honour cannot be offended.”

The Law makes “failure to discharge parental obligations … the malicious usage of parental authority, the physical punishing of a child, as well as cruel behaviour against him/her” offences under the law (article 24.4), and states that “expression of parental will regarding a child can be limited, regardless of their opinions and religious convictions, if it is discovered that they can physically or morally harm the further development of a child” (article 24.5).


Further information

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