Prohibition of all corporal punishment in Poland (2010)

Article 2 of the Law of 6 May 2010 “On the Prevention of Family Violence” amends the Family Code (1964) by inserting a new article 96 which prohibits all corporal punishment in childrearing:

Persons exercising parental care, care or alternative care over a minor are forbidden to use corporal punishment, inflict psychological suffering and use any other forms of child humiliation.” (Unofficial translation)

The new law was signed by the President on 18 June 2010 and came into force on 1 August.

Article 40 of the Polish Constitution of 1997 prohibits corporal punishment, but there was a lack of consensus as to whether or not this applied in private spheres such as the home and privately-run alternative care settings. The Government’s commitment to full prohibition was confirmed to the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights in June 2008. The new article 96 of the Family Code is explicitly clear that all corporal punishment of children is prohibited.


Further information

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