Prohibition of all corporal punishment in TFYR Macedonia (2013)

In February 2013, new legislation which prohibits all corporal punishment of children, wherever they, was adopted. Up until this point, the Law on Protection of Children 2000 (as amended 2009) had prohibited “psychological or physical maltreatment or other inhumane treatment or abuse of children”. This had protected children from corporal punishment of some severity but not from all corporal punishment. The new Law on Child Protection 2013 explicitly prohibits all corporal punishment of children. Article 12, paragraph 2 states (unofficial translation):

All forms of sexual exploitation and sexual child abuse (harassment, child pornography, child prostitution), forced procuring, selling or trafficking children, psychological or physical violence and harassment, punishment or other inhuman treatment, all kinds of exploitation, commercial exploitation and abuse of children that violates basic human freedoms and rights and rights of the child, are prohibited.”

Paragraph 6 of article 12 confirms that children are to be protected in all settings:

The state and institutions are obliged to take all necessary measures to ensure the right of the children and prevent any form of discrimination or abuse regardless of the place where they are committed, the severity, intensity and duration.”

The Government confirmed that the law prohibits all corporal punishment during the Universal Periodic Review of Macedonia in 2014 (session 18).


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