Human Rights Committee, session 69 (2000)

Recommendations/observations on corporal punishment in the Human Rights Committee's concluding observations to states examined in session 69 (10-28 July 2000)


(24 July 2000, A/55/40, paras. 422-451, Concluding observations on second report, para. 8)

"The Committee welcomes the Child Trafficking and Pornography Act 1998 and the Sexual Offenders (Jurisdiction) Act 1996, which allows prosecution in respect of offences committed outside Ireland. It also notes with satisfaction the abolition of corporal punishment in public and private schools."


(24 July 2000, CCPR/CO/69/KGZ, Concluding observations on initial report, para. 19)

"The Committee is concerned about the continued existence of child labour, the problem of mistreatment of children in some educational institutions, cruel punishment and the phenomenon of trafficking of children.

The State party must urgently address these issues so as to ensure the special protection to which children are entitled under article 24 of the Covenant. Specifically, corporal punishment must be prohibited."

In this session

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