Human Rights Committee, session 99 (2010)

Recommendations/observations on corporal punishment in the Human Rights Committee's concluding observations to states examined in session 99 (12-30 July 2010)


(3 September 2010, CCPR/C/ISR/CO/3, Concluding observations on third report, para. 22)

"The Committee is concerned at a number of differences in the juvenile justice system between Israeli legislation and under military orders in the West Bank. Under military orders, children of the age of 16 are tried as adults, even if the crime was committed when they were below the age of 16…. [The Committee] is also very concerned at allegations of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of juvenile offenders (arts. 7, 14 and 24).

The State party should:

a) ensure that children are not tried as adults; …

d) ensure that reports of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of detained children are investigated promptly by an independent body."

In this session

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