Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, session 27 (2001)

Recommendations/observations on corporal punishment in the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights' concluding observations to states examined in session 27 (12-30 November 2001)


(30 November 2001, E/C.12/1/Add.75, Concluding observations on second report, para. 14)

"The Committee is profoundly concerned about the violence that has apparently become widespread in the State party. It is reported that over 1,000 people have been murdered in the year 2001 alone and that ‘tribal’ politics is such that warlords rule large sections of the capital city where they are involved in extortion, drugs and prostitution. The Committee is particularly concerned that violence – including domestic and sexual violence – is committed against women of all ages and against children. According to reports from nongovernmental organizations, children are regularly flogged and even threatened with weapons and childrearing practices include corporal punishment of children in the home and in schools. The fact that these acts are committed with impunity constitutes a serious violation by the State party of its Covenant obligations."

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