Thematic publications

Here you will find reports, briefings and other resources from the Global Initiative setting out the obligation to prohibit and eliminate corporal punishment - and progress towards achieving this - in the context of other cross cutting human rights, including children's rights in relation to health, education and juvenile justice.


Corporal punishment and development

Prohibition of violent punishment of children: a critical step towards fulfilling the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2016)

Ending violent punishment of children – a foundation of a world free from fear and violence (2015)


Corporal punishment and domestic violence

Prohibiting violent punishment of girls and boys – a key element in ending family violence (2015)


Rights of children with disabilities

Prohibiting and eliminating all corporal punishment of children with disabilities (2014)


Rights of very young children

Young children’s right to an end to all violent punishment (2014)


The right to education

Towards non-violent schools: prohibiting all corporal punishment. Global report 2015

Resources for eliminating corporal punishment in schools (2012)

Prohibiting all corporal punishment in schools: Global Report 2011 

Prohibiting corporal punishment in schools: Positive responses to common arguments (2009)


Rights of the girl child

Ending violent punishment of girls: A key element in the global challenge to all violence against women and girls (2013)


Rights in juvenile justice settings

Cruel, inhuman and degrading: ending corporal punishment in penal systems for children (January 2015)


Rights in alternative care and day care settings

Ending legalised violence against children: Prohibiting and eliminating corporal punishment in all alternative care and day care settings (2012)


Faith-related resources

Ending corporal punishment of children – a handbook for multi-religious gatherings (2016)

Ending corporal punishment of children – a handbook for working with religious communities (2015)

Faith-based support for prohibition and elimination of corporal punishment of children – a global overview (2015)

Ending corporal punishment of children – a handbook for worship and gatherings (2015)

Ending corporal punishment of children: A handbook for working with and within religious communities (2011)

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