CRPD recommends prohibition of corporal punishment

During its sessions in 2019, the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities issued recommendations on corporal punishment to most of the states examined: At its 21st session, Cuba, Niger, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Vanuatu received recommendations on corporal punishment. At its 22nd session, Australia, Ecuador, El Salvador, India, Iraq, Kuwait and Myanmar […]

Committee Against Torture issues recommendations

At its 66th and 67th sessions in 2019, the Committee Against Torture issued recommendations and observations on corporal punishment of children to South Africa, Bangladesh and Togo. Further information Read the Global Initiative’s individual country reports for Bangladesh, South Africa and Togo. For further information on the obligation to prohibit corporal punishment under the Convention Against […]

European Committee issues recommendations on corporal punishment

The 2019 Conclusions of the European Committee of Social Rights were published earlier this year. The Committee issued a total of 36 recommendations or observations on corporal punishment of children to the states examined during that session, including 11 states which are yet to enact a ban of all corporal punishment in their legislation: Armenia, […]

Human Rights Council’s 43rd session adopts final reports for UPR 34

During its 43rd session, the Human Rights Council adopted the final working group reports for the Universal Periodic Review’s 34th session, which included states’ final formal responses to all recommendations extended. States can either ‘support’ (accept) or ‘note’ UPR recommendations: Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kazakhstan supported recommendations to prohibit all corporal punishment of children. Iraq […]