Committee on the Rights of the Child recommends prohibition in all settings and full implementation and enforcement of the law

The Committee on the Rights of the Child has published its concluding observations on states examined at its 70th session in September/October 2015.

  • To Bangladesh, the Committee noted the High Court directive to the Government in 2011 to ban all corporal punishment of children and recommended that this be accompanied by the promotion of positive, non-violent, participatory childrearing and discipline, awareness-raising on the law and relevant professional training.
  • To Brazil, the Committee welcomed the achievement of prohibition in 2014 and urged the Government to ensure the law is fully implemented and enforced.
  • To Chile, the Committee recommended that article 234 of the Civil Code, which provides for a “right of correction”, be explicitly repealed and corporal punishment prohibited in all settings.
  • To Kazakhstan, the Committee recommended corporal punishment be explicitly prohibited in all settings.
  • To Poland, where prohibition in all settings was achieved in 2010, the Committee expressed concern at its continued use and recommended that measures be taken to ensure the prohibition is enforced in all settings.
  • To Timor-Leste, the Committee welcomed the inclusion in the draft Child Code of prohibition of corporal punishment in schools and recommended that the draft be amended to include prohibition in all settings.
  • To the United Arab Emirates, the Committee recommended that corporal punishment be prohibited in all settings, including the home and as a sentence of the courts, and that article 53(1) of the Penal Code, which allows “chastisement” of children by their parents, be repealed.

For further details, see the Global Initiative individual country reports for BangladeshBrazilChileKazakhstanPolandTimor-Leste and the United Arab Emirates. The Committee’s recommendations can also be seen in full on the Committee on the Rights of the Child page on this website.