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States prohibiting all corporal punishment

2024 - Lao PDR

2021 - Republic of Korea

2020 Japan

2018 - Nepal

2016 Mongolia

2007 - New Zealand

Regional campaigns against corporal punishment

  • Bangladesh: BLAST (Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust) leads the alliance of NGOs campaigning for full prohibition of corporal punishment.
  • Indonesia: Aliansi Penghapusan Kekerasan Terhdap Anak (Alliance for the Elimination of Violence Against Children) consists of 27 child-focused organizations together with the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection. In April 2019, the Alliance developed a strategy to achieve prohibition of corporal punishment of children.
  • Myanmar: The ‘Stop Corporal Punishment Campaign’ launched by the NGO Child Rights Working Group in November 2017 aims to raise awareness of the harm caused by violent punishment, to promote positive forms of discipline, and to see the revision of the 1993 Child Law so that it includes full prohibition of corporal punishment.
  • Philippines: Save the Children Philippines have campaigned for the prohibition and elimination of corporal punishment in the Philippines since 2003. They work to build understanding among community organisations and child-led groups, promote alternatives to violent punishment, and continue to campaign for the adoption of the Positive Discipline Bill by the Philippines Government. 
  • Sri Lanka: “Stop Child Cruelty”, launched in 2018, is a campaign aimed at ending corporal punishment of children in schools by 2020. The alliance of academics, professionals, NGOs and parents hope to raise the profile of corporal punishment by conducting awareness campaigns in schools, law enforcement and administrative institutions, in partnership with governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Regional publications

Summary of progress in ASEAN member states (2024) Download

Summary of progress in SAIEVAC member states (2017) Download

Summary of progress in countries across the Pacific (2015) Download

Report on Central Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific (2014) Download

A series of booklets answering common questions about prohibiting all corporal punishment of children, including a booklet for children and one answering specific questions about corporal punishment in schools. Now available in 14 languages. 


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