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Corporal punishment - always a breach of children’s human rights - is the most common form of violence against children.

Close to 300 million children aged 2 to 4 worldwide experience violent discipline by their caregivers on a regular basis, and only 14% of children are protected from this violence in law.

Its very widespread social acceptance means that a level of violence in childrearing is normalised, entrenching children’s low status in society and paving the way for other forms of violence and mistreatment.

Corporal punishment is associated with a wide range of short and long term negative impacts, both for the individual and society as a whole. As such it is a key issue for anyone concerned with ending violence against children, child rights, education, child protection, and making progress towards peaceful and thriving societies.

Over the last twenty years more and more countries, organisations and individuals have turned away from violent punishment. We need your help to continue empowering and growing this global movement, so thank you for your support!

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