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Implementation Guidance The key steps in putting prohibition of corporal punishment into practice

Global progress report 2021

Global update on ending corporal punishment in schools, and tool to support action

Ending corporal punishment in early childhood: an essential right and need of every young child

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A series of booklets answering common questions about prohibiting corporal punishment, with versions for children and focused on schools. Also available in online format. Browse

Global progress publications

Annual global reports and a series of special global reports tracking progress towards universal prohibition Browse

Regional progress publications

Briefings examining progress towards prohibition and elimination of corporal punishment in particular regions across the world Browse

Resources on law reform

A range of handbooks, guides and briefings to help you achieve law reform and support campaigning for prohibition of corporal punishment Browse

Thematic publications

Ending corporal punishment in the context of the SDGs and children's rights in relation to health, education and juvenile justice. Browse

Positive discipline resources

A range of resources for promoting positive, non-violent discipline among parents, teachers, professionals and children Browse


Summaries of research on the negative effects associated with corporal punishment and the positive impact of prohibition Browse

Resources for faith-based work

Handbooks and materials for working with religious communities and multi-religious groups Browse