Progress in Europe and Central Asia




States prohibiting all corporal punishment

2019 - Georgia, France, Rep of Kosovo

2017 - Lithuania

2016 - MontenegroSlovenia

2015 - Ireland

2014 - AndorraEstonia

San MarinoMalta

2013 - North Macedonia

2010 - Albania, Poland

2008 - Liechtenstein

LuxembourgRep of Moldova

2007 - SpainPortugal


2006 - Greece

2005 - Hungary

2004 - RomaniaUkraine

2003 - Iceland

2002 - Turkmenistan

2000 - Germany, Bulgaria

1999 - Croatia

1998 - Latvia

1997 - Denmark

1994 - Cyprus

1989 - Austria

1987 - Norway

1983 - Finland

1979 - Sweden

Territories: Faroe Islands, Jersey, Svalbard

Regional campaigns against corporal punishment

EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child 2022 (Website in 24 languages)

“Raise your hand against smacking!” Council of Europe

“A Non-violent Childhood” Council of Baltic Sea States

European Network of Ombudspersons for Children

Regional publications

A series of guides on implementing laws prohibiting all corporal punishment (2018)

Progress towards prohibiting all corporal punishment of children in EU member states (2015)

Prohibiting corporal punishment in Central Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific (2014)

Abolishing corporal punishment of children (multiple languages available from the Council of Europe website)

A series of booklets answering common questions about prohibiting all corporal punishment of children, including a booklet for children and one answering specific questions about corporal punishment in schools. Now available in 14 languages. 

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News from Europe and Central Asia

Regional human rights

The Council of Europe on corporal punishment of children:

European Convention on Human Rights

European Social Charter

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation confirms the obligation to prohibit all corporal punishment of children:

Cairo Declaration

The European Union calls for prohibition in all member states in a number of resolutions:

2009 resolution

2014 resolution