Caribbean progress report 2012


Prohibiting corporal punishment of children in the Caribbean: progress report 2012

Published by

Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children & Global Movement for Children in Latin America and the Caribbean

Publication date

May 2012

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Caribbean experts including religious leaders unite in calling for an end to corporal punishment of children in their homes, schools and all other places in this report following up the UN Secretary General’s Study on Violence against Children.

The report charts progress and delay in prohibiting and eliminating this form of violence against children in the region. It describes research showing the nature and extent of corporal punishment in Caribbean countries and reveals the high level of support among faith groups and others for its abolition. The report sets out the human rights obligation to protect children from all forms of corporal punishment and other cruel or degrading punishment and the steps needed to enact and enforce laws to prohibit it. With detailed individual reports on every state and territory in the Caribbean, the report is an invaluable advocacy resource for all those concerned with ending violence against children.

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