East and Southern Africa consultation report 2005

The Global Initiative submitted reports with recommendations to each of the nine regional consultations organised for the UN Secretary General’s Study on Violence against Children between March and July 2005. This report, prepared for the East and Southern Africa regional consultation, outlines the relevant human rights standards in the region, global progress towards prohibition of corporal punishment and the purpose of law reform, and provides a detailed state-by-state analysis of the legality of corporal punishment.

The report recommends:

  • Explicit prohibition of all violence against children, including all corporal punishment, in the family and in all other settings;
  • Awareness-raising of children’s right to protection and promotion of non-violent child-rearing, education and conflict resolution;
  • Review the extent of violent victimisation of children, including in the family, through interview studies with children, parents and other carers;
  • Review safeguards to protect children from all forms of violence in the full range of residential institutions and other forms of alternative care, state and private, and implement any necessary improvements.

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