Alternative care and day care report 2012


Ending legalised violence against children: Prohibiting and eliminating corporal punishment in all alternative care and day care settings

Published by

Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children & Save the Children Sweden

Publication date

October 2012

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Progress towards prohibition of corporal punishment alternative care and day care settings has been especially slow, with these settings often among the last in which prohibition is enacted. The majority of states have no prohibition of corporal punishment in any form of alternative care or day care. This leaves millions of children, including some of society’s most vulnerable, subject to violent and other humiliating punishment by those whose role it is to take care of them.

This report aims to accelerate the prohibition and elimination of all corporal punishment and other cruel or degrading punishment in all alternative care and day care – supporting its universal prohibition and elimination in all settings of children’s lives. The report can be used to raise awareness about children’s right to protection, support the use of human rights mechanisms in campaigning for law reform and provide guidance on the drafting and implementation of legislation which prohibits all corporal punishment.

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