States receive recommendations on corporal punishment at UPR 34

Most of the states under review at the 34th session of the Universal Periodic Review, which took place in November 2019, received recommendations on corporal punishment:

  • Fiji, Gambia and Madagascar all supported recommendations to prohibit corporal punishment of children.
  • AngolaBosnia and HerzegovinaEgyptIran, Iraq and Kazakhstan all received recommendations to prohibit corporal punishment in all settings and deferred their responses to March 2020.
  • Slovenia, which enacted a ban in 2016, deferring responding to a recommendation to raise awareness of the harmful effects of corporal punishment and the existence of alternative non-violent forms of discipline.
  • El Salvador and Italy did not receive specific recommendations on corporal punishment, despite not having enacted a ban.

Bolivia and San Marino, which both achieved prohibition in 2014, also did not receive recommendations on corporal punishment.


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