The Global Initiative is recruiting Trustees to join our Board

Are you committed to child rights and the elimination of all violence against children? The Global Initiative’s current four trustees have excellent international experience in children’s rights, human rights law and child protection. We are looking to complement their skills by appointing a new Treasurer with good experience of UK charity and financial regulation, and up to three other trustees, ideally with skills relevant to charity management including governance, change management, influencing and fundraising.

This is an exciting time for the Global Initiative, having recently appointed a new Director and embarked on a review of our work, including the development of a 5-year strategy to be launched in April 2018. We are considering how our organisation contributes to the elimination of violent punishment of children, by influencing national and global dialogues, effecting change in perceptions of children’s rights and broadening the understanding of positive discipline.

Read more about the roles.

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