#EndCorporalPunishment 2024 Advocacy and Communications Pack – Available now in English, French and Spanish

On International Day to #EndCorporalPunishment - 30 April - and throughout 2024, we will raise our voices to call for the end of corporal punishment, the most common and accepted form of violence against children.

The good news is we are seeing progress in ending violent punishment around the world. More states are passing laws prohibiting corporal punishment of children, and across the globe in many places there is a reduction in acceptance and use of violence in child raising. Our collective work to achieve non-violent childhoods is making a difference!

But it is too slow for today’s children, and huge numbers continue to be harmed by corporal punishment. Governments have committed to ending all violence against children by 2030. Let’s call for faster action to #EndCorporalPunishment

How will you get involved to end to violent punishment of children this year?

We are pleased to share our new pack with you. It is full of everything you need to get involved.


#EndCorporal Punishment Communications and Advocacy Pack 2024

Advocacy Pack - English

Dossier de plaidoyer - Français

Paquete de promoción - Español


Please share the pack among your networks, and tell us about your plans, so we can help amplify them.

Thank you for your partnership. Together we will #EndCorporalPunishment!




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