African Committee recommends prohibition of corporal punishment in all settings

Following its 24th session in December 2014, the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child recommended to states that corporal punishment be prohibited in all settings. To Guinea, the Committee recommended that:

“the State Party bans corporal punishment in all settings; undertake measures to effectively punish the authors of violence against children; introduce non­violent disciplining mechanisms in schools and sensitize the society about positive parenting”.

Similar recommendations were made to MozambiqueSudan and Ethiopia. To Kenya, where corporal punishment is unlawful in all settings under the Constitution 2010, the Committee stated:

“The Committee notes with appreciation the prohibition of corporal punishment under the Constitution, but recommends that it be implemented. The Committee encouraged the State Party to raise awareness and give training on a continuous basis on alternative disciplinary measures.”

For further details, see the Global Initiative’s individual country reports for EthiopiaGuineaKenyaMozambique and Sudan.