States receive recommendations to prohibit corporal punishment at the UPR 21st session

Of the 14 states examined in the 21st session of the Universal Periodic Review in January 2015, three have already achieved law reform to prohibit corporal punishment in all settings, including the home (click on the name of the state for full details):

The other states examined have yet to fulfil their obligation under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international human rights law to prohibit by law all corporal punishment of children. For eight of these, pressure to do so was increased during their most recent Universal Periodic Review as members of the working group made recommendations on corporal punishment. Turkey accepted the recommendations; Governments in the other states must give their responses no later than June 2015:

No recommendations on corporal punishment were made to the following three states, despite the legality of corporal punishment of children there:

The Global Initiative briefs the UPR on the legality of corporal punishment of children in every state being reviewed, monitors coverage of the issue during the reviews, and conducts a follow up programme which aims to provoke action at national level to pursue prohibition in Government and among other key institutions. We are keen to hear from national NGOs and NHRIs promoting law reform to prohibit corporal punishment: email