Comoros prohibits corporal punishment in schools

In 2020 Comoros enacted prohibition of all corporal punishment in schools, under article 5 of Law No. 20-034/AU of 2020, making it the 136th state worldwide to achieve prohibition in this setting. 

The amendment revised Law No. 94-035/AF of 2005 on Education Orientation, which states [unofficial translation]: “Educational institutions guarantee respect for human rights as well as physical and moral integrity. Corporal punishment, moral abuse, harassment, and all other forms of violence are prohibited in educational institutions and are sanctioned by administrative measures and/or legal proceedings.” 

We are seeking further information about implementation measures to ensure that corporal punishment in schools is fully eliminated in practice. 

We congratulate Comoros on the achievement of this essential reform, marking a vital step forward for children, and we urge that prohibition of corporal punishment in all other settings of children's lives including the home, alternative care settings, day care, penal institutions and as a sentence for crime is enacted without delay.
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Comoros is the 136th state to prohibit corporal punishment in schools