Somalia and Zambia confirm draft laws will prohibit corporal punishment in all settings at CRC 90

The Committee on the Rights of the Child concluded its 90th session on 3 June 2022. During this session the Committee raised the issue of prohibition and elimination of corporal punishment of children with some of the twelve states parties which were examined between 3 May and 3 June 2022. While we await the concluding observations, here is a summary of discussions between states parties and the Committee.


Non-prohibiting states


Somalia and Zambia respectively confirmed that their Child Rights Bill and Children’s Code Bill include provisions which aim to prohibit corporal punishment in all settings, including in the home. Both bills are currently under review.

In response to questions on the legality of corporal punishment in Canada, the Government delegation stated that the amendment of the Criminal Code to repeal the legal defence for the use of corporal punishment (section 43) was controversial and that a 2004 Supreme Court ruling had stipulated that the law should only allow physical punishment that was not severe.

The Committee asked Cambodia to repeal all legal provisions that are interpreted as justifications for the use of corporal punishment and conduct awareness-raising programmes for parents and professionals working with and for children.

Cuba stated that it was working towards the implementation of the Committee’s previous recommendations which included prohibition of the use of corporal punishment in any form.

Kiribati confirmed its commitment to eradicate corporal punishment which is still lawful and practiced in communities and families.


Prohibiting states


Croatia announced that it is conducting a zero-tolerance policy on all forms of corporal punishment for educational purposes through an exhaustive national campaign. 

Iceland and Greece were asked about measures taken to protect children from corporal punishment


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