“Global progress and delay” leaflet – September edition

The Global Initiative’s popular leaflet summarising progress and delay worldwide towards prohibiting corporal punishment in all settings has been revised and updated, showing significant progress towards universal prohibition since the last (March) edition.

Prohibiting all corporal punishment of children: progress and delay (September 2014 edition) presents facts and figures on the global movement towards law reform to prohibit corporal punishment in all settings, including the home. It identifies the 39 states that have now achieved complete prohibition of corporal punishment and the 46 that are committed to doing so. It illustrates the percentage of the global child population legally protected from all corporal punishment and the numbers of states prohibiting corporal punishment in each setting of children’s lives.

Despite recent progress there is still a long way to go. The leaflet lists the 38 states where corporal punishment can still be handed down as a sentence for crime by juveniles, the 23 states where prohibition has not yet been achieved fully in any setting, the 31 states which have rejected recommendations to prohibit made during their Universal Periodic Review, as well as states which have received three or more recommendations to prohibit from the Committee on the Rights of the Child but have still not reformed their legislation. A snapshot of research on the nature and prevalence of corporal punishment, useful quotes, and information on action being taken to promote law reform are also included, making this 8-page leaflet an indispensable tool in advocacy for children’s right to freedom from all forms of violent punishment.

The leaflet is regularly updated and has proved to be an invaluable tool in advocating for reform. It is available now. Hard copies are available from info@endcorporalpunishment.org.