New report tracks progress in Pathfinding countries

The Agenda 2030 for Children: End Violence Solutions Summit takes place in Stockholm, Sweden, this week on 14-15 February 2018. Ahead of the Summit, the Global Initiative is delighted to present a new report tracking progress on ending corporal punishment of children in Pathfinding countries. These countries have committed to three to five years of accelerated action towards target 16.2 […]

Global report tracking progress to December 2017 is out now!

As another big year in the journey to end all corporal punishment of children comes to a close, the Global Initiative, in collaboration with Save the Children Sweden, is delighted to present our annual global report tracking progress towards universal prohibition and elimination of corporal punishment to December 2017. The report, Ending legalised violence against children: Global progress […]

Bahrain commits to enacting prohibition of all corporal punishment

During its third cycle Universal Periodic Review, Bahrain received a recommendation to legally prohibit corporal punishment of children in all settings, including in the home, and to repeal all legal defences to its use. The Government responded to this recommendation ahead of the Human Rights Council’s 36th session and we are now able to confirm that […]

Progress and delay in Africa – updated briefing from the Global Initiative

Seven African states have achieved prohibition of corporal punishment of children in all settings, including the home, and recommendations to prohibit all corporal punishment of children have been accepted by 19 African states. On the other hand, 25% of Africa’s children live in states where corporal punishment is not fully prohibited in any setting. These facts […]

New Caribbean progress briefing

The second issue of the Caribbean Coalition for the Abolition of Corporal Punishment of Children’s briefing which documents progress towards prohibiting corporal punishment of children across the region is now available. Designed for advocacy use, the briefing highlights the human rights imperative to prohibit all violent punishment of children in all Caribbean states and territories. For each […]

Continuing the drive towards prohibition in Latin America – updated briefing from the Global Initiative

Latin America is making remarkable progress towards prohibiting all corporal punishment of children. Eight of the 19 Latin American states have now enacted legislation which protects children from corporal punishment in all settings, including the home; prohibition is actively under discussion in others. And while globally just 9% of children are fully protected in law […]