Human Rights Committee issues recommendations on corporal punishment at 127th session

At the Human Rights Committee’s 127th session in October/November 2019, the Committee issued the following recommendations on corporal punishment of children:

  • The Committee urged the Czech Republic to explicitly prohibit corporal punishment in all settings, including the home, and to continue raising awareness of the harmful effects of corporal punishment and the existence of non-violent alternatives.
  • To Senegal, the Committee remained concerned that corporal punishment still takes place in the home and at school and urged the state to take measures to end ill-treatment and other forms of violence against children.
  • To Cabo Verde, which enacted a ban in 2013, the Committee noted the measures taken to address the use of corporal punishment but expressed concern that it still persisted, including in the home. The Committee recommended that Cabo Verde implement child-friendly reporting and redress mechanisms and awareness-raising and training activities targeted at the general public, civil society and state officials to improve protection of children.

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