International Day to #EndCorporalPunishment 2024!

30 April is International Day to #EndCorporalPunishment of children! This is our opportunity to show support for all child victims of corporal punishment and call for urgent and accelerated action to end violent punishment. 

Governments have committed to ending violence against children by 2030, but corporal punishment continues to harm vast numbers of children worldwide. We know what works and we have six years to #EndCorporalPunishment.

Organisations and individuals across the world will take action to call for an end to violent punishment of children on and around the 30th April. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

Children deserve and need non-violent childhoods now!  


International Day to ECP

Get Involved

What will you do to call for an end to corporal punishment this April?

Will you....

  • Release a statement, publish an article or blog, offer to do media interviews
  • Hold an event or launch a new campaign to end corporal punishment
  • Support child-led advocacy on violent punishment
  • Organise faith leaders to take action
  • If you are a government - announce or confirm a commitment to prohibit and eliminate corporal punishment of children
  • Announce plans to support positive, non-violent parenting

We have produced advocacy packs to help you take action. They include many other ways of getting involved, and all the information, messaging and 2024 themes, visual resources and social media assets that you will need.

You can access the advocacy and communication packs in English, French and Spanish here.



Keep our 2030 promise to children 1

Join our webinar!

What does it take to end corporal punishment of children?

Successful strategies to end the acceptance and use of corporal punishment of children in society.

Join our webinar on 29 April, featuring a range of international experts exploring the norms and behaviour strategies to reduce social acceptance and use of corporal punishment, both at scale and in specific contexts and locations.

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