Is your state committed to prohibiting all corporal punishment of children?

All states have an obligation to prohibit all forms of corporal punishment of children. Those which are yet to do so often publicly express a political commitment to achieve prohibition, but we have noticed that some of those ‘committed’ states have made no progress in realising this commitment or have since backtracked on it. Commitment must be a pathway to law reform and not just an empty gesture!

We have been calling on governments that have not yet achieved prohibition to publicly commit or reaffirm their commitment to reforming their laws, without delay, to prohibit all corporal punishment of children. We are intent on holding those states accountable. The current list of committed states is under review and we will be publishing the outcomes of this review in the new year. You can find out more about this on our dedicated page.

To help us in our review, we welcome input from national human rights institutions, civil society organisations and concerned individuals on states’ commitment to law reform. Find out more about your state in our detailed reports and send any feedback to by Friday 4 October 2019!