#EndCorporalPunishment high-level events and call to action

Ending corporal punishment of children: two high-level conferences

Corporal punishment - always a breach of children’s human rights - is the most common form of violence against children. Its very widespread social acceptance means that a level of violence in childrearing is normalised, entrenching children’s low status in society and paving the way for other forms of violence and mistreatment. It is associated with a wide range of short and long-term negative impacts, both for the individual and society as a whole.

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children and End Corporal Punishment are amplifying calls to end corporal punishment of children, as part of the Together to #ENDviolence global campaign and the International Day to End Corporal Punishment of Children on 30th April.

Two high-level conferences made the case for accelerating progress towards universal prohibition and elimination of corporal punishment – as a human rights obligation and a moral imperative, but also as an effective and essential foundation for ending all violence against children.


Together to #ENDviolence is a global campaign and Solutions Summit Series to accelerate action on violence against children. Find out more

The first event on 30th April looked at progress and delay in the global movement to prohibit corporal punishment of children; the second on 4th June examined how prohibition of corporal punishment can be put into practice, with international examples of leadership and implementation. Speakers included young people, Governments, human rights, legal and academic experts, and practitioners from around the world. A new report and new implementation guidance were launched at the conferences.


Event #1: Prohibiting all corporal punishment of children: laying the foundations for non-violent childhoods

Date: Friday April 30th (International Day to End Corporal Punishment of Children)

Time: 8am New York/2pm Geneva/9pm Tokyo

Length: 2 hours

Languages: English, interpreted into French and Spanish


Event #2: Global progress towards non-violent childhoods: putting prohibition of corporal punishment of children into practice

Date: Friday 4th June

Time: 8am New York/2pm Geneva/9pm Tokyo

Length: 2 hours

Languages: English, interpreted into French and Spanish

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This year's Together to #Endviolence campaign is our chance to call for an end to the violent punishment that is a regular feature of so many children’s lives.

We know change is happening, but not quickly enough for children. Will you join us in speaking up to #EndCorporalPunishment

We are asking everyone - from Governments and organisations to individuals - to sign a statement calling for accelerated action on prohibition and elimination of corporal punishment.

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