“Global progress and delay” leaflet – November edition

The Global Initiative has updated its leaflet which summarises and illustrates progress and delay worldwide towards prohibiting corporal punishment in all settings. The latest edition, published in November 2014, lists 41 states which have achieved prohibition in all settings. Shortly after the leaflet was published San Marino achieved prohibition, bringing the total number of states to have prohibited all corporal punishment to 42.

“Prohibiting all corporal punishment of children: progress and delay” documents the significant progress which has been made, but shows that much remains to be done. Nine per cent of children worldwide are now fully protected in law from corporal punishment in all settings of their lives – but 80.8% are only protected in some settings of their lives and 10.1% are not fully protected in any setting. The leaflet identifies the 23 states which have not yet fully prohibited corporal punishment in any setting, the 38 states in which sentences of corporal punishment for children remain lawful and the 35 states which have received three recommendations concerning corporal punishment from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child but have still not achieved full prohibition. Aiming to promote action, it summarises the numbers of states prohibiting in each setting of children’s lives and research showing the appalling levels of punitive violence experienced by children worldwide.

The leaflet is regularly updated and has proved to be an invaluable tool in advocating for reform. It is available now.

Hard copies are available from info@endcorporalpunishment.org.